Since its creation in 2016, thousands of people have used Phoenix Nature’s products to showcase their favorite plants and to ensure a safe exit to their balconies, patios, terraces or gardens. Our various products are appreciated by consumers across Quebec and even parts of Ontario. They are known for the visual comfort and pleasure they provide, their quality and their innovation,

The Phoenix Nature workshop creates style and enthusiasm while focusing on the safety, quality and value of its products.

With a recognized know-how in the molding of epoxy resin and with a production approach based on zero waste, our products are designed according to the highest standards and quality standards for their use indoors and outdoors. Three coats of ecological varnish are applied to ensure they are weatherproof and at the same time allow them to reflect light.

Our offer includes two ranges of products which come in several models, colors and shapes:

🐞 Accessories (in the form of insects such as butterflies or ladybugs) for the visibility of patio doors and screen doors.

🐞 Accessories for decorating indoor plants or gardens.

Our whole set of products are of impeccable quality, with an innovative design that can be integrated into any decor. They give the environment freshness, cheerfulness, and naturalness.

Our company draws its strength from the diversity, innovation and quality of its products, as well as from the originality of its models. The level of customer satisfaction is very high due to our rigorous quality control. And also to our direct interaction with our customers on major social media networks.

Our goal is to make our products better known through alliances with local and regional distributors who will ensure a national exposure to our products and this for the benefit of all: customers, partners, suppliers and the environment.


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